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Macon animal rescue group forced out of shopping center | News

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Macon animal rescue group forced out of shopping center


An animal rescue group in Macon is going to be looking for a new home soon as the owners of the shopping center where it's located will not renew its lease.

Purr's N' Paws has to find a new location for its more than 100 furry friends. "Our lease is not gonna be renewed come October, so we have three months to find a new location," said Tiffany Rogers, assistant manager.

First Guaranty Management Corporation, the shopping center's overseer, said, "It is the hope and vision of the new owners of Rocky Creek Shopping Center to help improve the area of South Macon, by cleaning up the center, and bringing more retail choices to the area." They said they've gotten "positive interest" from some retailers, but nothing is set.

Rogers said Purrs N' Paws has been on Rocky Creek Road for about three years. She doesn't think it's realistic for the new owners to talk about upgrading the shopping center.

"Because they're gonna need a different type of clientele to come here. People with more money especially if they're gonna put in some upscale type of shops here," said Rogers.

Deborah Reeves with the management company said the owners will work with the shelter and might let them out of their lease early or extend it if need be.

Although Rogers is trying to think positive, she's afraid of what might happen to the cats if they can't find a new place.

"They may have to be euthanized because there won't be any place to take them, and we know that the local animal shelter they will put cats down if they can't get adopted within a certain number of days," said Rogers.

The nonprofit animal rescue's primary focus is cats.

Founder Anne Brennaman said the last time they found a new location it took around three or four months. She said it's going to be tough to find a place that's affordable and allows animals.

Volunteer Ryanne Popken said she's starting a GoFundMe page to raise money to find a new location.



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