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Macon's Transit Authority to receive new grants if proposal passes | News

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Macon's Transit Authority to receive new grants if proposal passes

After a unanimous vote, the historic Terminal Station building could soon belong to the Macon Transit Authority.

Rick Jones is the General Manager at Macon-Bibb Transit Authority at Terminal Station. They currently lease the building from the county and have started to repair the old building.

However, Jones says they've hit a brick wall. They can't qualify for some federal grants to pay for repairs, because they don't hold the title.

Jones is hoping to change that.

Mayor Robert Reichert, says, "It just makes sense to move it and transfer it over and get a win win situation so it's eligible for federal funding."

Jones adds by saying, "We are enthusiastic about wanting to reach in that drawer and get out that list and start working on it."

Jones says he has a wish list of projects he wants to get done throughout Terminal Station. The list includes rooms with holes in the ceilings, rubble on the ground, and cracks in the walls.

One room dates back to the days of segregation. Jones says, "The colored waiting room that was utilized in the mid 40's sits unreconstructed and it is not usable space... it should be, it's a part of our history, an integral part of this building and it needs to be renovated it should be one of the first projects."

He says that's not the only upside to the transfer, saying, "If this structure is capable of earning any income at all then it will reduce the total cost of public transit to the federal government and to the consolidated government."

The Mayor concludes by saying, "To have a stronger, on time, reliable, affordable public transit system, is another step in that direction."

Jones says they are only about one third of the way done with the entire renovation, but he says with new funding they can finally knock down that brick wall.

A Macon-Bibb committee approved the transfer, but it still needs approval from the full commission in two weeks, and from the U.S. Department of Transportation.


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