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Floods of '94 lead to infrastructure improvements | News

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Floods of '94 lead to infrastructure improvements

At the time of the floods of 1994, the Macon Water Authority was already looking to expand its Pierce Ave. facility a little upstream next to the Ocmulgee River.

Instead, the flood reached both the treatment plant and the newer site, with water reaching 317 feet above sea level.

"It flooded that piece of property that the improvements or the additions were going on and it was obvious when that occurred that the location was not a location for the plant," explains MWA President Tony Rojas.

The flood prompted the MWA to move their facility to Javors Lucas Lake in Jones County, at a much higher elevation. The plant opened in 2000, almost six years after the flood.

The flood also had an impact in smaller counties like Monroe, where two wooden bridges, including Flat Bridge on Mayfield Road were completely destroyed by the floods.

Retired Monroe County Roads Superintendent Sid Banks says the flood proved to be a blessing in disguise because it allowed to county to get funds to replaced outdated wooden bridges and dirt roads with concrete and paved roads.

He says the bridges are also slightly higher in elevation.


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