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Habitat for Humanity transforms Macon neighborhood | News

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Habitat for Humanity transforms Macon neighborhood

Construction volunteers have been hard at work to build a home...all in under one month.

"From the framing to the roofing to the landscaping, less than 25 days," says Nikki Porcher, marketing coordinator for the Macon Area Habitat for Humanity.

This is part of the 2014 "Homebuilder Blitz Project" in Lynmore Estates, giving the neighborhood a total revamping.

"About 70 percent of the homes were boarded up and unlivable when Habitat started in this neighborhood," says construction manager, Don Hensley. "It's killing two birds with one stone. It's getting rid of a dilapidated house, and it's also building a home that the homeowners will be paying property taxes to the city of Macon."

Most of the cost was covered by donations from a long list of sponsors. Electrical wiring, floors, and appliances are just a few.

This is the second time the Macon Area Habitat for Humanity has done a "blitz" project, and it is the 43rd house built overall in the Lynmore Estates neighborhood. Now that it's completed, the new homeowners will be able to walk through this door and call this place home.

Habitat's work not only makes a difference to the people that live in the house, but also the current neighborhood residents.

Carrie Redmond would know. As president of Lynmore Estates, she's seen a lot of change.

"Habitat, when they came out here... oh my God," she says, shaking her head. "This place was just deserted. All the abandoned houses. They have made a really great change in this neighborhood, and I thank God for Habitat."

"Macon has got a neighborhood that is being revitalized, and it's being revitalized by a private industry," notes Hensley.

In individual homes and entire neighborhoods, Habitat is doing its part to make Macon just a little bit better.

"So we've got a new face," smiles Redmond, "A new look out here."


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