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Macon-Bibb patrol cars get new look | News

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Macon-Bibb patrol cars get new look

The stripping process only takes about an hour, but the finished product of a Bibb County Sheriff's Office patrol car is about a lot more than a flashy new look.

"We're trying to strip at least five or six a day and then the following day we get them re-striped," said Macon-Bibb Fleet Manager Mark Schultz.

Since consolidation, everything from uniforms to cars have been changed to reflect the united government.

Right now, many of the police cars still bear the old Macon Police logo, but in just 60 days, they'll all be required to reflect our new consolidated government.

"This is very important when these guys are out here and these cars are being properly marked to do traffic stops and do traffic enforcement or other enforcement duties," Schultz said.

And the cars custom new detailing came in lower than estimated.

"Total allocation for this project was around $60,000, but we're saving taxpayers money because we're using inmate labor to strip the cars. So we're somewhere down around $45,000 total cost for this project," he said.

That's just under $300 a car.

Schultz says they've got a total of 160 cars to re-stripe, but if you live in Bibb County, you'll be seeing the newly-striped patrol cars around your block soon.


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