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Church group crochets for community | News

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Church group crochets for community


Little stitches can go a long way.

At least that's what the Nifty Needlers of United Trinity Methodist Church think.

"We put ourselves into it," says Nifty Needler member Shirley Hurst. "We put a lot of time and effort into it. And a lot of love."

They put their favorite hobby to good use.

Every Thursday morning they meet, they talk, they crochet.

"It's just a neat group of ladies. We do things for good causes, and it's a chance to get out and come play!" laughs member Brenda Jones.

There is never a dull moment. The women volunteer for a wide range of projects, including making caps for soldiers and blankets for nursing homes.

To keep up with it, Sherry Cheryl has a suggestion:

"Rather than taking a book to read, you take your little sack of crocheting or knitting wherever you go."

Everyone in the group has their own talents.

"I do blankets," says Jones. "I can do one in about a week."

"I'm known as the sock lady!" chimes in Mary Casey.

Most of their projects have a purpose.

"You can throw money at a lot of things," says Cheryl, "But just having something homemade people really like."

Each week, the Nifty Needlers come to Houston Healthchare to drop off their gifts to the nursery and cancer care units.

Their work might not be well-known, but it does not go unnoticed.

Nurse Marsha Longbine has been in the nursery for 35 years. She says these hats are loved by the patients.

"When they come back with their second baby, they say 'Where's my hat? Where's my blanket? I got one with my first baby!' So they do get excited."

It is a donation of time, money, and skill, but the Nifty Needlers say the end result is worth it.

"A lot of big smiles from people," says Hurst. "So it's heartwarming."


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