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Companies put Macon made seal to use | News

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Companies put Macon made seal to use

Macon Made: it's a seal letting people know products were made in Macon.

"The seal is designed to be placed on products created by local artisans, as well as local industry to showcase all the talent that we have in Macon," said Nadia Osman with College Hill Alliance.

Jason Frost, owner of Macon-based Modern Giant, a graphic design and silkscreen company, designed it.

He wanted something that could translate well across things as different as stamps and iron gates. "I though of the anvil, I was like oh that's perfect, because that's like making it," said Frost.

Frost's products get shipped all around the country. He can't wait to start putting the seal on products, and on t-shirt hanger tags too. "On the back of all the prints I send out, putting that stamp on there," he said.

Co-owner of the Macon Beer Company Cory Smith is going to put it on all of their goods.

"It'll be right there on the tap handle, when we start canning our beer, we're gonna put Macon Made right there on the can," said Smith.

Smith said it's important to let people know products were made in Macon. "The Macon Made Seal will start to draw some attention to some of the real talent here, some of the local people that make things out of materials from right here in Macon," said Smith.

Osman hopes big name companies will use the logo as well. "You can think about a business like YKK and you can think about how the seal could be designed and incorporated to use their branding in a way in terms of their icon, as well as maybe their colors," she said.

If you're interested in using the Macon Made seal, you can contact the College Hill Alliance at (478) 621-4420.


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