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Commissioners, legislators talk gun law | News

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Commissioners, legislators talk gun law

Macon-Bibb Commissioners wanted answers from local legislators on Georgia's recently implemented gun law.

Mayor Robert Reichert said he's concerned about their inability to restrict access to public buildings, particularly those that see high traffic, like entertainment venues.de

"The Coliseum and auditorium, larger events,bands, acts, that kind of thing, that a lot of times don't want weapons allowed, trying to find a way around the law that was passed that says we can't exclude weapons from public buildings like that. And we think we ought to be able to. If somebody has the exclusive use of the building for concerts or a ticketed event , they ought to be able to close it and deny access, just like any other private property owner would," said Reichert.

The Mayor also wanted more clarity on screening guidelines for the Macon-Bibb government center. "Are we able to screen only beginning at 5 o'clock, for a 6 o'clock meeting, or do we have to screen all day? Do we have to screen everyday or can we just do it on Tuesday?" he said, posing questions he believes are tough for the government to answer.

State Representative Bubber Epps, who voted for the new gun law, plans on taking the commissions' concerns to the capitol.

"As with any legislative initiative, it's kind of a work in progress. Nothing's passed in a perfect form and condition. I think veteran legislators realize that as the implementation process from legislation goes forward, issues are discovered, concerns arise that were not foreseen with the original intent of the bill, and in most cases I've seen those readdressed in later sessions," said Epps.

Senator David Lucas said business owners and chamber of commerce members should contact legislators if they want change.

Also at Tuesday's commission meeting were representatives Robert Dickey and James Beverly.

Terminal Station

Commissioners voted to transfer ownership of Terminal Station to the Macon Transit Authority. That motion is pending approval of the Federal Transit Authority. Mayor Reichert said the change would allow for more grant funding. The local transit authority wants to update the building. Commissioner Elaine Lucas is hoping they'll keep the area labeled 'colored waiting room', because she said it's a part of Macon's civil rights era history.


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