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Macon-Bibb EMA re-certified as 'storm-ready' | News

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Macon-Bibb EMA re-certified as 'storm-ready'

Just a few feet below downtown Macon, the people responsible for keeping Macon-Bibb residents safe when disaster strikes are finding new ways to do just that.

"We have some cameras around the county that we can turn and adjust and zoom in to see some of the damages," EMA Director Don Druitt said.

The Macon-Bibb EMA was recently re-certified by the National Weather Service as storm-ready.

That means they've proven their communication, community involvement, and disaster preparedness are top notch.

EMA Director Don Druitt says staying certified requires constant evolution.

"In the nuclear days, the concept was you could stand the telephone poles back up and hook wires back, and this can be the main bank," Druitt says.

And the biggest evidence of that change required to keep up nationwide EMA standards is in the technology used to communicate during storms.

"We've installed a telephone notification system to all of the people in Bibb County that have home phones and you can opt in for a cell phone to get those updated alert messages. So, in the last three years, we've included the telephonic notification system," she said.

Macon-Bibb EMA also has about 60 sirens throughout the county and a number of community emergency response or CERT teams trained to handle severe weather before the experts arrive.

"When storms come up they can help themselves they're empowered to help themselves initially," Rodney Roberson said.

They're changes that Druitt says will keep Macon-Bibb storm-ready.

"When we do all of those things that the national weather service requires us to do our public is more informed which means they're more prepared," he said.


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