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One Macon animal rescue says they're paying for vet bills and also upgrading the facility. | News

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One Macon animal rescue says they're paying for vet bills and also upgrading the facility.

One Macon animal rescue says they're recovering well, after a break-in last year left some dogs dead and others injured.


All About Animals rescue say they've received nearly $100,000 in donations since October.

Mick was one of the many dogs injured during the fights that broke out when the break-in happened. He was found covered in blood. But with the help of donations, his vet bills were paid, giving Mick and a few of his friends received a second chance at life.

"We were really surprise. I mean we had people talking about us in South Africa. We were just shocked. We were humbled we were shocked" said volunteer Mendy Harrison.

She says that after the break-in money began coming in from every corner of the Earth. She says it's giving them an opportunity to upgrade the facility. The biggest project right now is a pole barn. It will provide shade, and protection from rain, snow, and hail.

"You can see up top where it's ventilated so the air can circulate. But we plan on installing ceiling fans" said Harrison.

They're also in the process of building a storage facility for food...as well as a bathing center for grooming the dogs. Because of the break in, they're installing a total of five cameras to monitor the area.

Harrison wants as a laundry area as well. She says a washer and dryer in the rescue will help some of the volunteers.

"We have a volunteer that takes all the blankets that we use. She takes all the towels we use. She takes them home washes them and dries them and brings them back" said Harrison

She believes at the end of the day, out of all the bad came some good.

All About Animals animal rescue was broken into back in October. Crystal Fessler admitted to breaking-into and releasing dogs from their cages.

Three dogs were killed and thirteen more were hurt when fights broke out among the dogs.

Last week Friday, she pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft by taking and one count of misdemeanor criminal trespass.


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