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Orientation prepares Bibb County school teachers | News

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Orientation prepares Bibb County school teachers

Teachers, counselors, and coaches all gathered for the Bibb County Schools orientation.

"We offer different courses in classroom management," says professional learning development coordinator, Melanique Floyd. "And we help different teachers get started with the first day of school, talking to them about what it's going to be like as they enter the world of teaching."

Some teachers are new to the profession, and others are just new to Bibb County.

Kristall Manns had been a teacher in the DeKalb County School District before her recent transition to Bibb.

"The experience that I had all last year prepared me for what's to come in regards to having patience," says Manns. "Understanding that not all children learn the same, but all children can learn. It just takes a little more planning so that you meet the needs of all of your students."

There are also brand new teachers in attendance, like Jarred Moore. He will be going into his first year of teaching at Central High School.

"I want to be that teacher 10 years from now that students say 'Do you remember what we learned in Mr. Moore's language arts class?', or, 'Do you remember Mr. Moore taught us this?' I want to leave that same lasting impression that teachers left on me."

Some of the highlights of orientation were discussing the school budget, changes in testing, and strategies for classroom management. There were workshops, lectures, and one-on-one meetings with teaching mentors.

Although it might seem routine, Manns says there is always something that can be gained.

"Once you come to orientation and you meet new people, you get to gather some of their ideas along with some of the things that you've learned and mix the two together," she explains. "I think there is always room to learn something new."

She also adds that it does not matter how many years you've taught, because each time is unique.

"You never know what group of kids you are going to get until you get into the classroom," laughs Manns. "Keep and open mind and be prepared for what's to come."

Teachers have their first official day on Friday, July 25th. Students start back the following Friday on August 1st.


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