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Macon Rabbi says trip to Israel in jeopardy | News

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Macon Rabbi says trip to Israel in jeopardy

A Macon Rabbi says he and 55 members of his synagogue's trip to Israel in October may be in jeopardy.

That comes after the Federal Aviation Administration prohibited all U.S. airlines from flying over the country Tuesday after a missile fell within a mile of the Tel Aviv airport.

The FAA extended that prohibition today.

Rabbi Greg Herschberg of the Beth Yeshua Internation Synagogue worries his trip may not happen if violence on the ground in Gaza continues.

"It was in 1989 on my honeymoon that I went and where I had an apparition of the Lord."

Israel has long held a special place in Rabbi Greg Herschberg's heart.

"We started taking tours over there in 2001, and we've been going every year ever since," he said.

"But right now It's horrific, just innocent people just because their last name is Herschberg like mine."

The country that's the heart of his Jewish faith is in so much turmoil.

The FAA has grounded flights to the country.

Now Herschberg, and a group of 55 people he'd planned on taking with him don't know if they'll be able to take the trip in October.

Herschberg's synagogue, Beth Yeshua International, practices Messianic Judaism, which is different from the traditional Jewish faith because its members believe in Christ as the Messiah.

Herschberg says he's worried about his upcoming trip.

"We want the ban lifted, not just because we want to get there, because every day it could be another life," he said.

But he's keeping faith in a higher power.

"Does Israel have wonderful intelligence? Sure. But God is even more intelligent and I believe God's watching over that place," he said.

Hershberg's Messianic group is not connected to Birthright Israel, which organizes 10-day youth trips to the Jewish state paid for by the Jewish Federation.

Birthright Israel says they're continuing to plan those trips, but fewer people are making the tours this year.


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