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Downtown street to close Saturday for 3 months | News

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Downtown street to close Saturday for 3 months

A project aimed at revamping Macon's Second Street Corridor Project will bring street closings starting this weekend.

However, before all this construction can start on Monday, the block must be shut down.

Melody Faircloth is the owner of The Willow Tree at Poplar and Second Street on the block that will be shut down for three to four months.

She says, "It hurts your business a lot when they close the roads."

This is all a part of the Second Street Corridor Project aimed at expanding the city's "walkable" areas, and creating gateways to the downtown. This block is just phase one of the transformation.

Updates on this block should include improved sidewalks, the addition of landscaping, shaded trees, and benches.

Bibb County spokesman Chris Floore says the project could have taken six to eight months, but by working with Georgia Power, they cut that time down.

He says, "In working with them we determined if we went ahead and shut down the entire street down and did it all at the same time it would reduce the amount of time by about half."

Nick Rizkalla manages Roasted Cafe and Lounge and says he wishes they got a bit more notice of the closing to inform his customers. He says, "I just hope that it sticks to that timeline because, I mean, I know the construction business, things change when you start ripping stuff up, especially it's as old as Macon."

Faircloth says she tries to stay positive since she knows in the long run it will improve the neighborhood.

Faircloth says, "I'm hoping that it will really help the downtown area because they've been promising growth and help for years and I'm hoping that this will be what it's gonna take."

The street closure begins on Saturday during Bragg Jam and will continue for three to four months, but the sidewalks and businesses will stay open the entire time.

In addition to the Second Street closings due to the roadwork, parts of Cherry and Third streets downtown, and the Cherry Street plaza, close Saturday due to Bragg Jam. Downtown traffic returns to normal on Sunday.


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