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Files describe former Bibb county deputies' records | News

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Files describe former Bibb county deputies' records

We reported Tuesday on how the personnel records for Jermaine Hill, Decarlo Lattimore, Arthur Howard, and Jimmy Denson were largely clean. We got a look at the Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs files for those four, they contained lots of complaints, some that bore out, and others that did not.

Jermaine Hill, the deputy at the center of the case, had a criminal record before even being hired. He was charged with aggravated assault, and marijuana possession, both before becoming a deputy. Within six months, he was suspended for a day, and reprimanded for using abusive language and intimidation against a fellow officer.

The file say the department also investigated tips from jail inmates that Hill was selling drugs, and bringing contraband into the jail. The investigators concluded that the tips were not reliable. The file also describes charges against the other three officers.

Decarlo Lattimore received a day's suspension in 2010 after arresting a man he claimed was stealing cable. They later found out that the man was simply trying to fix his signal. Lattimore was suspended since he did not contact the cable company to confirm that the man was paying for his cable.

Most of the complaints against Arthur Howard were settled with no further action required. He was suspended for a day in 2008 after he left an undercover vehicle unattended and it was then stolen.

Jimmy Denson was placed probation for six months in 2007 after one complaint, pulling his gun on a fellow barber in a barber shop where he worked part time. He was also issued a written warning for failing to secure evidence into the crime lab.

We asked the sheriff's office for more information on the complaints against all four officers. Spokesman Sean DeFoe said that would have to come from Sheriff David Davis, who's out of town this week.

Hill is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court October 15, 2014. The other three officers are due back to appear in federal court July 30, 2014 before Judge Mark Treadwell.


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