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Charter kids tackle mandatory summer reading | News

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Charter kids tackle mandatory summer reading

At the Academy for Classical Education summer reading is mandatory for all students, unlike other Bibb Schools. Gabe Reed said he welcomed the challenge.

"Two books required I had to read, which was Call of the Wild and of Mice and Men. And there's two optional books, I chose Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and Where the Red Fern Grows," said Reed.

In addition to reading students also have to write essays. "Most of them from sixth, seventh and eighth will answer several questions from their book, but they'll write about two essays each," said Laura Perkins, co-founder.

Perkins recognizes it's a lot of work. "In order to be a well-read, articulate learning person, you've got to work. You've gotta work hard and that's what we're trying to inculcate in our students," she said.

Alyssa Booze, 11, read four books that were at a slightly higher reading level. She said it was challenging. "Different words, survey questions that are helping me become a mature sixth grade, so I'm getting very excited for sixth grade," said Booze.

Both of Camille Vickers kids are going to the school. She said her son was excited about the reading, her daughter not so much. "It did take, required her to go on her iPad and research the word and make her actually figure things out," said Vickers.

Vickers said her daughter felt a huge sense of accomplishment after finishing. Former Howard High School teacher and now an A.C.E English teacher Alica Tudzin said it's important for students to read during the summer.

"And while some think that summer should be totally free I think they lose a lot over the summer if they don't continue to read," said Tudzin.

Although summer reading isn't mandatory for all Bibb students, Interim Superintendent Steve Smith says many teachers encourage it.


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