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Police academy now at Middle Ga. State | News

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Police academy now at Middle Ga. State

Future police officers now have a new place to train.

The Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth has opened a Bibb County location at Middle Georgia State College.

The opening ceremony is next week, but 67 recruits began training a month ago.

Nicholas Middleton is a cadet in an 11-week program at the academy.

"Policing is all about experience. So I'm gonna use the knowledge that I'm being taught here. Get my street experience dealing with people," said Nicholas Middleton, a cadet at the center.

He's spent six years in the Marine Corps and has experience in the Fayette County jail system.

But to be a deputy sheriff, he says he needs a different type of training .

"We teach them firearms, we teach them emergency vehicle operation, we teach them Georgia law, we teach them criminal procedure," said Major Mike Barton, "Probably the most critical thing we do here, is our judgemental pistol shooting."

Barton is the manager at the Bibb Training Center.

He says cadets will learn their firearm training and vehicle operation either at the Bibb County Sheriff's office or at the Forsyth campus.

He also says students from all over the state have come to the academy.

"The first week or two, you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off," said Middleton, "And now we know how to dress, we know what's expected of us at a minimum level."

After graduating, the cadets will be certified as peace officers in the state of Georgia.

Middle Georgia State's Office of Academic Affairs is working with the The Georgia Public Safety Training Center to create a Public Safety Associate's Degree.

The opening ceremony for the Bibb training center is Tuesday, August 5th at 10 a.m.


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