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Macon boxer injured in hit-and-run | News

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Macon boxer injured in hit-and-run

"At first really in reality, I thought he was dead." That's what close-by neighbor Betty Young says was her initial thought when she ran outside Thursday afternoon .

She was running out to Maliek Montgomery who was lying on the ground bleeding after a car had struck him and drove off.

Maliek was on his daily training run, the same run he's done for the past seven years. Stretching around five miles from his house eventually coming back down Grand Avenue where the accident occurred, at Brookdale Avenue.

What remains are shattered pieces of the suspects car, the shirt that was ripped off of Maliek, and blood still visible on the road, all of this leaving him with multiple injuries.

Maliek talks about the injuries by saying, "I have a broken jaw, they haven't quite figured out what's wrong with my leg but we assume that it's probably a fracture, I hit the back of my head on the concrete so they ended up having to put staples in my head."

Maliek has been boxing for many years, and even won a National Golden Glove for boxing back in May, but his father Michael says boxing might have to take a break depending on how severe the injuries turn out to be.

He says, "As a father, if the doctor says he can't fight anymore, I'm not going to let him fight, that's just the way that is, I know he really wants to, but as his father, his health is more important."

Michael says he's played millions of scenarios in his head as to what might have happened, but he says he knows one thing for sure, Betty probably saved his son's life.

Maliek says he still has a lot of recovering to do, but says he's ready to hear when he can jump back in the ring, "I just cant wait till we have the surgery on Monday and see where to go from there, cause I will try to box regardless."

Michael and Betty along with the rest of the community are hoping whomever hit Maliek will turn themselves in.

Michael says his son is in stable condition, and says he's scheduled for surgery on Monday to repair the broken jaw.

Bibb County Sheriff Department's Lieutenant Sean Defoe tells us they are looking for the suspects vehicle, a blue Nissan with a missing side view mirror.


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