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Children and workers tested for TB at Neighborhood Academy. | News

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Children and workers tested for TB at Neighborhood Academy.

Health officials were at Neighborhood Academy Monday testing dozens of children after one confirmed case of tuberculosis was found there July 25th.

This afternoon the North Central Health District came out to the Neighborhood Academy to test as many children and adults as possible for TB.

It all started on July 25th, when the day care told health officials that they had a confirmed TB case, a 9 month old baby boy.

Since then, Bibb County Nurse Manager Beverlyn Ming tells me they have tested more than 90 people connected to the day care. So far, she says none of them have tested positive.

Ming said they did get a positive skin test over the weekend from a family member of a student at the daycare.
But after a normal chest x-ray, she said they determined that person had a TB infection, not the disease itself.

She said, "If we get any that are positive we will refer for a chest x-ray and then from the chest x-ray we will go from there with preventative medication."

Here's an explanation on the difference between TB infection and TB disease: According to the CDC, a person with a TB infection cannot spread the bacteria to others, does not feel sick, and their chest x-ray looks normal, but they do need treatment to prevent developing TB. Without treatment, they say around 5 to 10% of infected persons will develop the disease.

TB disease does come with symptoms including weight loss, a bad cough that lasts 3 weeks or longer, fever, and sweating at night. The disease is contagious and does require treatment.

The Neighborhood Academy's director, Daylon Martin told said one of his main concerns was getting everyone checked.

He said, "You want to make sure that no one got exposed, or could have been in harms way, and that's a big concern because we service a lot of children up to 130 a day on the rolls."

One other child is considered a potential positive for TB, but Ming told me they are still awaiting that child's test results, as they won't be ready until Tuesday. She did say all employees tested negative and they hoped to get through all students by the end of the day. Ming says everyone who took a TB test today can see their results Wednesday at the daycare.


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