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Humane Society says dog fighting a problem in Georgia | News

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Humane Society says dog fighting a problem in Georgia

The Humane Society says the state of Georgia has a big problem with dogfighting.

"Unfortunately, Georgia has a very high problem with dog fighting. There is a very high concentration of both professional dog fighters and street level," said Deputy Manager of Animal Fighting Response Janette Reevers.

Thursday, the Humane Society hosted a free training seminar for law enforcement, animal control, and humane workers.

"It's a very common occurrence to have other illicit activities such as drugs, illegal possession of firearms. There is animal abuse, but abuse against children, too," said Reevers.

Instructors explained how to recognize, investigate, and prosecute animal cruelty cases.

Reevers says signs of abuse include scarring on the face and legs. People owning large numbers of American Pit Bull Terriers is usually a warning. Fighting dogs are typically kept on heavy chains.

She says it's hard to profile a dog fighter. They can be people who are highly educated or wealthy.



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