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Officers team up for active shooter training | News

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Officers team up for active shooter training

Local law enforcement agencies worked together today to focus on safety on campus.

It was a training exercise about active shooters for officers from Central Georgia Tech, Middle Georgia State College and the Bibb County Sheriff Office.

They came together Friday for one mission to take a pretend active shooter down.

This was the first time they have practiced these drills as a team.

Officers knew there would be a drill, but they did not have specifics like the obstacles they would face or the location of the pretend shooter.

"Your success depends on whether lives are saved or not," says Sergeant Scott Chapman of the Bibb County Sheriff Department, "So this training provides us with the kind of confidence we need."

Officers say training is as much mental as it is physical. Even though the bullets were not real, they still had to practice with open fire. This is the closest thing next to encountering a real problem.

"You can stand in front of a paper target and do the officer qualification," says Central Georgia Technical College Police Officer, Jeffrey Kujawa. "But when somebody's shooting at you and rounds are whizzing by your head... it's a whole new ball game. "

It makes students feel more confident, too.

"If this ever happened at the school, they'll go in with the right mindset and understand what they need to do to get the job done," says Central Georgia student Rayven Thomas.

In real life active shooting, they would all be sent out to handle the situation together, so Central Georgia initiated the idea that they practice together.

"That's why we're doing training like this today," explains 911 Communications Center Director, Keith Moffett, "We can better get that coordination going."

You hope officers never have to respond to something like this, but knowing how to take the bad guys out might make a life saving difference.


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