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Bibb County Superior Court says disaster preparedness plan is secure | News

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Bibb County Superior Court says disaster preparedness plan is secure
Bibb County Superior Court says disaster preparedness plan is secure


After the courthouse in Hancock County burned down this past week, Bibb County Superior Court is revisiting its disaster preparedness plan.

At the Superior Court Clerk's office, they use microfilm as well as recent technology to back up every single one of their records. Some records dating back to the 17th century.

"Backed up every day through the clerk's authority program called my vault," said Superior Court Clerk Erica Woodford.

The vault is a virtual storage system. It makes a copy of each document scanned and stores it digitally in a secure facility in Atlanta. She says the virtual vault is a back up for another back up plan.

"These are metal doors, they are supposed to withstand some fire or some hazard," said Woodford.

The doors can resist up to 8 hours of fire. She says after the fire last week in Hancock County demolished the courthouse and everything inside, they've had to review their disaster prepardeness plans, not only for documents, but how they operate entirely.

"Having a plan together. Knowing how much square footage you would need how many terminals you would need to get back up and running," said Woodford.

She says no matter how big of a disaster, her office won't stop serving the community. Trials in Superior Court could be held at either Peach or Crawford county courthouses.

Houston County says documents from the early 1900's to the 1960's have not been microfilmed and archived.

Baldwin County says they're in pretty good shape.

Laurens County says their current records are on computer and backed up by a software company. They pay a monthly backup fee to have the records stored off-site.

Laurens County real estate records backed up daily and transmitted to GA SCC Authority. They can be searched online and are microfilmed and sent to the state archives.

Real estate records and court records backed up at offsite location.

Historical records, beginning in 1808-1925, are all microfilmed at the library, and sent to state archives.


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