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Macon man describes robbery and shooting | News

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Macon man describes robbery and shooting

The man who fired several shots at a pair of robbers Thursday said it all started when he went to buy a game for his son.

Tim Jackson was in the GameStop in the Eisenhower Crossing Shopping Center on Thursday during an armed robbery. He tells us he went in to GameStop to buy a $6 Star Wars video game for his son.

What happened next, he said, was something he's only seen in the movies.

The suspects Javon Britton and Maryann Davis have been arrested and are in custody until their hearing in superior court.

Jackson says the man, Britton, walked in, "as cool as a cucumber," saying he was waiting to check out.

Then Jackson heard, "Get on the ground or I'm going to start shooting."

He was then robbed of $40 and says he hit the deck, keeping his face down on the ground.

Jackson says all he could think of were his wife and kids at home, saying his life flashed before his eyes.

He tells us the robber was only a few feet away, and he could make out that the robber was holding an assault rifle.

Jackson says he bought a gun several years ago to protect his family when his wife got pregnant. He says he's had a carry permit for over six years.

When the suspect started to walk out of the store, Jackson said, one thing went through his mind, "I don't want him to do this to anyone else."

Jackson followed him out of the store, and got to his own car where he kept his gun. He says he got his gun and started looking for Britton.

Jackson says he met eyes with the suspect, and says Britton appeared to reach for his gun.

Jackson says that's when he fired his first shot.

He tells us he wasn't aiming for the suspect, but rather trying to hit the windows in case the car got away. He says he thought it might be an easier find for the police.

Throughout the entire robbery Jackson says Britton was extremely calm. This made him think this robbery wasn't his first time.


Jackson tells us, "I'm down on my luck lately, but you don't see me out robbing anyone."

He says the police still have his gun as evidence -- but he had another gun on him Friday.


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