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Mt. de Sales drops plastic water bottles | News

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Mt. de Sales drops plastic water bottles

Students from the Environment Club at Mount de Sales Academy wanted to get rid of all plastic water bottles on campus and replace them with a reusable water bottle fill station.

"There's oil that goes into making the plastic, so you're saving that fossil fuel that's quickly diminishing," said senior Lauren Kunselman, "You're also saving money because bottled water is way overpriced and tap water is very inexpensive."

"Most plastic isn't recycled in the world and as our population keeps growing, that can become more and more of an issue," she added.

"We were just really passionate about it, so we met with the administration," said Chambers English, another senior, "We gathered our ideas and the administration were on board."

Kunselman, English, and 9 other students from the Environmental club wanted to replace every bottled water on campus with the fill stations.

There are two stations in the middle school and the school is planning to install four in the upper school.

If a water fountain needs to be replaced, the new fill station will cost $1,500.

If the station is just attached to an old station, it costs $500.

Paul Midkiff, a teacher and the moderator for the club, said in order for the plastic bottles to be removed, the school had to replace them with something else.

"All the open door refrigerators in the cafeteria have been taken care of, there's no more bottled water in there," English said.

The club also sells reusable water bottles for $5. 25 cents from each sale goes the club.

English says the change from plastic can make a huge impact.

"This Earth is ours, and it's the Earth of our children and their children, so we have to do our part," he said.

According to the Macon Water Authority, the cost of 750 gallons of bottled water, with each 16-ounce bottle costing $1 is approximately $5,680.

By comparison, the cost of 750 gallons of regular tap water for Macon-Bibb County residents is just less than $10.


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