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Macon man wrestles, catches burglary suspect | News

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Macon man wrestles, catches burglary suspect

A Macon man is being dubbed a hero after a sheriff's office incident report says he tackled a burglary suspect to the ground, giving deputies time to get there.

Timothy Johnson is a truck driver father and grandfather, but how he reacted to a burglary suspect Friday morning has the woman who lives across the street adding another title.

"He's a hero for me and this whole neighborhood,"

Peggy Triplett said.

Johnson says he wrestled a burglary suspect to the ground after spotting him wandering around his neighbor's front yard.

"I got a little knee bruise and elbow bruise, but my main thing was to keep him down there," he said.


Johnson he knew something was off when he noticed his car door was open in his garage and then saw a man who looked suspicious in a neighbor's yard.

"I looked across the street. That's where I observed him standing there, walking through walking in front of her door, walking real slowly, walking around like he lived there," he said.

Johnson asked if the burglary suspect, identified as Aaron Jones by the Bibb Sheriff's office, lived in the neighborhood. That's when he says, Jones got aggressive, refusing to answer questions and demanding to be left alone.

"He shined a flashlight in my face. I got offended by that when he shined a flashlight in my face, so we got into an argument from there," said Johnson.

Believing Jones, 19 years old, was up to no good, Johnson tackled him to the ground. Soon after, police arrived.
Johnson says some cash was missing from his car, but nothing major was taken.

His neighbor is thankful he was there to step in.

"He made a citizen's arrest, so I'm real proud of that and the neighborhood is too. I'm sure I speak for them," he said.

According to a police incident report, Aaron Jones is currently in custody charged with entering auto and criminal trespass.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says if you spot someone you think is suspicious in your neighborhood, the best thing to do is to call 911, and give the best description and location you can. Then stay on the line until officers come.

Officers say, unless your life is in immediate danger, avoid a confrontation. Safety first.


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