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Hummingbird smoking ban begins | News

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Hummingbird smoking ban begins

One of the last bars in downtown Macon that allowed smoking has officially gone cold turkey.

The Hummingbird's ban on lighting up inside is effective September 1.

13WMAZ spoke to smokers and non-smokers about the bar's new rule.

"That's just going to turn all of your regulars away," says frequent patron Matthew Taylor, who's been smoking for a little more than five years.

Jared Ringwood says the ban is a big improvement.

"Actually been kind of nice, a lot cleaner atmosphere," he said.

But Taylor says it's just another way smokers are being isolated.

"They should not have done it because it's one of the original places where you could have got a beer, came here, smoked and had fun," he said.

Though most people we spoke with today support the new rule, some smokers say the ban might burn when winter hits.

"If it was a really cold night, I might detour somewhere else, but then again where else would I go? There's nowhere else where I could go inside and smoke," said Ninja sushi restaurant manager, Mike Thompson.

But Ringwood, who's seen bans before, says the foot traffic will continue after the smoke clears.

"Everybody threw a fit when we were down there," he said. "Ah, I'm not going to go out anymore, but it didn't change anything. Everyone's still just as busy as ever,and I think it's probably better in the long run."

Customers at the Hummingbird can still smoke in an area behind the bar and out front.

The owners made the decision to satisfy an increasing number of non-smoking customers who complained about the amount of smoke inside.


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