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Bike sharing system may come to Macon | News

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Bike sharing system may come to Macon

The College Hill Alliance wants to bring a new bike rental system to Macon and give people another way of getting around town.

"Spokefly is a unique bike sharing program where people who have bikes that they are not renting, like say mine for instance that's just gathering dust in my closet, can rent out their bikes to people who like to rent bikes," said Nadia Osman, College Hill Alliance.

To rent your ride out Osman says all you would need to do is post a picture of it, along with its location, to the Spokefly website map. "And then those who want to rent bikes can pay a monthly or even a weekly or daily subscription fee. And then they look for bikes that are closest to them," she said.

Then you can go wherever you want as long as you stay in Bibb County.

Once you're done, you lock it up and post the location online. "The idea is that you do not have to go and retrieve your bike if someone leaves it on the edge of town that you don't want to go to. It just stays there until another person comes and picks up the bike," said Osman.

People who offer bikes for rent are paid based on the total number of program users and how often their bike is used.

For example, in Austin where the company started, Osman said people renting the bikes out are "receiving an average monthly check of $100."

The alliance is waiting on a $23,000 dollar grant from the Knight Foundation that would make this program possible. But if that money doesn't come through they'll try to bring Spokefly to Macon anyway.

"Promoting the cycling community as well as bike sharing in general continues to come up in our conversations with the community as one of the things that they would like to see happen in the corridor," said Osman.

Damon Allen, owner of Cherry Street Cycles, said it'll get more people interested in biking.

"Whether for leisure or to commute to work and back, which we see more of that all the time, I think it's a great idea," said Allen.

The alliance plans on launching a website Friday that talks about biking in Macon and to find out how much people would want to pay to rent.

You can visit collegehillmacon.com


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