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Nursing students discuss Ebola | News

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Nursing students discuss Ebola

Ebola has been the topic of conversation among nursing students and professors at Middle Georgia State College.

Assistant Professor Nkechi Okonta said she talked to freshman students about the disease in Fundamentals of Nursing. "We're telling them what it is, the history of it, where we hearing cases of it being reported," she said.

And how students like freshman Laura Davis can protect themselves from Ebola and other infectious diseases.

"Just about the importance of putting on our protective equipment the right way and also taking it off in the correct way," said Davis.

"We do have to take students into the hospital for clinicals and you know we want to make sure that they're well prepared," said Okonta.

Senior Katie LaPorta said they haven't talked about Ebola in her classes yet. "What we've discussed, like isolation precaution and illnesses and stuff in our first year, and how we get it and how we don't get it, but as far as discussing Ebola by itself, no, we haven't discussed that," she said.

Assistant Professor Sonia Evans said LaPorta and her classmates will get that information before graduating. "We will be touching on that topic in just about a week coming up," said Evans.

Evans said professors are looking at incorporating Ebola into courses. "Maybe in my class, and a few others, doing topics on immunology, it might be covered in a little more detail," said Evans.

"Of course it makes me nervous, but I feel like by the time I graduate that I should be able to be comfortable with working with a patient that had Ebola," said Davis.

Both of the assistant professors also work at the Medical Center, Navicent.

Okonta tells us the hospital has reached out to its nursing staff this week to ask if they would be comfortable working with Ebola patients. Both of the teachers told 13WMAZ they'll be there if they're needed.

13WMAZ reached out for comment from the hospital, but has not heard back.


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