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Tubman Museum hosts farewell party | News

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Tubman Museum hosts farewell party


More than thirty years of memories lie within the Tubman Museum on Walnut Street.

Organizers are hosting a farewell party Friday to say goodbye until it's time for the new museum to open on Cherry Street.

Jeffrey Bruce, the director of exhibitions at The Tubman Museum, said he'll miss its original location, but is looking to the future of the Tubman on Cherry Street.

"That space to expand exhibits and do new exhibits and do the kind of programming that we've always wanted to do but haven't had the space to do it in," he said.

Packing up seven exhibits to move isn't always an easy task, but Bruce said they've started the process.

"We are just starting to pack things up and move things over," he said. "There's a lot of work going on over at the building. A lot of the building is complete in terms of construction."

James Singleton is no stranger to the Tubman, he's been a volunteer here for seventeen years. As he's packing up the museum for the big move, he said a flood of memories fill his mind.

"Anytime you have a start somewhere, when you have to leave, you're reminded of your start and your beginning and that's what it does for me," Singleton said. "It reminds me of my beginning of coming here in this small space."

Singleton said one memory stands out in particular, when children visit the museum and learn something new.

"Children that come through and find out so many interesting things about people that invented stuff, that look like them, that they didn't realize invented certain things that they look at and deal with everyday," he said.

Singleton and Bruce agree that the new location, with more than 40,000 square feet, will provide more space. That means more exhibits, and more history displayed right here in the heart of downtown.

Organizers said everyone is invited to the farewell party for food, live music, and of course, reminiscing about the old museum. There is no charge for members but it will cost non-members ten dollars for general admission. The new location opens May 16th.


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