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Ingram-Pye garden wins state award | News

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Ingram-Pye garden wins state award

One Bibb County elementary school received high marks for its beautification efforts. Students and faculty at Ingram-Pye Elementary earned second place in the Community Greening Award from the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation. It's awarded to groups who improve, beautify, and preserve the quality of life in a community.


"Green thumb" has a whole new meaning to these students at Ingram-Pye. 

"Here in the garden, we get to plant different crops like strawberries, broccoli, and some herbs and spices to help the cooks out with the food," 5th grader Linda Cotton said. 

The garden at Ingram-Pye started two years ago with a grant from the Arthur W. Perdue Foundation. Evetta Schuler, the math lab instructor, says they use the garden to teach the students about science, math, and nutrition.

"What to use to measure when they're growing, they get to see the life cycle in action, not just talk about it, but actually the life cycle of a plant and understanding it takes time for things to grow," Schuler said. 

Before seeing the garden, she says many students didn't know where vegetables came from.

"Vegetables start off in the ground and not at the grocery store, and being such young children, that's what they think, but it's helping them see where the vegetables come from," Schuler said.

Students like Linda Cotton say vegetables are tastier knowing they've had a hand in the growing process. 

"If you're from, like, from this place, then you'll want something from this place because you're from there. Now if you're at Ingram-Pye, you're more than thrilled to eat your own food that you've actually grown," Cotton said. 

Helping them learn to eat healthy while having fun, too.

Students were harvesting collard greens and broccoli Friday and preparing the garden to plant strawberries in the coming weeks. 

The garden at Ingram-Pye opened back in December of 2014.

Each student at the school gets a chance to visit and work in the gardens with their classes. 



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