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Lawyer: Prater Followed Protocol, Updated Superiors | News

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Lawyer: Prater Followed Protocol, Updated Superiors

The head of Bibb County School's Police Department says she updated her bosses, and followed protocol in the investigation into an alleged rape at Northeast High School.

That's according to her attorney, Charles Cox.

But Cox says Police Chief Stephanie Prater was put on administrative leave the same day Dallemend held a news conference.

13WMAZ's Amy Aubert received copies of e-mails written between Chief Prater, her supervisor Edward Judie, and Assistant to the Superintendent Alisha Allen-Carter.

In an e-mail from January 21, Prater updated both Allen-Carter and Judie on the investigation, saying the number of possible suspects ranges from 8 to 10 and that she'll keep them updated. Judie responded, "Great job, Chief."

According to Cox, 10 days later, Judie put prater on administrative leave saying that she did not properly keep others informed.

"That was puzzling because there's a series of e-mails where she is in constant contact with both Mr. Judie and Alisha Allen-Carter, Mr. Dallemand's assistant, as to the arrests that are being made, the process of the investigation, the status of the Macon Police Department's participation in the investigation," says Cox.

In an e-mail to the Assistant to the Superintendent, dated January 25, Prater says, "District Attorney Greg Winters stated that we are doing an excellent job and handling this case extremely well..."

She later says, "I received word that MPD leaders are still very angry about this and have made it known to their staff..."

Six days later, Superintendent Dallemand said in a news conference, he was not aware Macon Police were not involved.


"I don't know how he could not know that," Cox says.

Another e-mail dated January 21 from Prater says:

"We have two students in custody. Initial suspect confessed to his involvement and identified three more students including one in a wheelchair and two first names. The number of possible suspects is 8-10. Initial suspect's account completely corroborated the victim's statements. Thus far, they are all juveniles, the DA's office came out to assist Inv. Goble as well as Sgt. Bellaire. Once questioning is complete... they will be going off duty and will continue once they get some rest. Officers did a wonderful job on this case, still no video evidence as of yet, but we are still looking. Again, I will keep you posted."

Cox says Prater would remain on administrative leave during the investigation, which he says should last no more than 30 days.

13WMAZ filed an open records request for a copy of the incident report on the alleged rape earlier this week.

Bibb County Schools only provided a portion of that report to us.



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