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Dallemand Returned Checks for Belgium Costs | News

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Dallemand Returned Checks for Belgium Costs

The chief financial officer for Bibb County schools says Supt. Romain Dallemand came into his office the Monday before departing for his trip to Belgium and handed him two checks.

Ron Collier says one of the checks paid back the district for Dallemand's $950 registration fee for the overseas conference.

The other was a $420 check the superintendent had received from the district to cover his meals while in Ghent.

Collier says Dallemand handed him back the check and told him he would pay for his trip out of pocket, including his airfare and lodging.

He said Dallemand did not explain why.


Before Dallemand left for Belgium, school officials estimated the trip would cost the district around $3,000 per person -- for Dallemand and two administrators: Susanne Griffin-Ziebart, the deputy superintendent for school improvement and design, and Judy Godfrey, the district's director of professional learning.

Collier says he was unaware Dallemand planned to pay for his own travel costs.

He does not know whether the other two officials traveling with the superintendent paid for their trips as well.

School board member Gary Bechtel says he did not know of Dallemand's plans to foot the bill for the Belgium conference.

He says he still believes the trip was unnecessary, even if the superintendent covers all of the costs.

Bechtel says it is policy for the district to pay for registration fees up front and for the rest of the costs including travel, lodging, and meals come out of the traveler's pocket. He says upon return from a trip, receipts must then be submitted to the district for reimbursement.


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