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String of Theft-less Car Break-Ins on Same Road in Macon | News

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String of Theft-less Car Break-Ins on Same Road in Macon

Residents on Crystal Lake Circle in south Macon were hit by a string of car break-ins last week. But in each case, nothing was taken.

For three consecutive days, at least one car a day was broken into in the same area, according to police reports. It is unclear whether the three break-ins are related to each other, but police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet says officers are not investigating them as such yet.

On the evening of September 7, one man's car window was broken. The man told police he heard glass breaking, looked out the window and saw another man running away. Nothing was taken from the vehicle.

The next evening, September 8, a woman reported that her driver side door handle and lock had been broken, and the back window was also broken. Nothing was reported missing from the vehicle.

On the following evening, September 9, police responded to Crystal Lake Circle again. The woman's passenger side window had been pried down, and the woman also noticed her ignition had been broken.

The ignition was also broken on her mother's vehicle at the same address. Both vehicle doors were damaged.

"The cases are being investigated individually, and the police are always looking for patterns with regard to crime," Gaudet wrote in an email response.

She encourages residents to join a neighborhood watch, speak with their neighbors if something has happened, let their neighbors know what has happened and to tell other people on the street to be aware.

For break-ins, she said car owners should make sure nothing is value in the car, like credit cards or jewelry.

"Don't give anyone reasons to enter the car (illegally)," she says.


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