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Bibb Co. Government Launches Upgraded Website | News

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Bibb Co. Government Launches Upgraded Website

The next time you log on to Bibb County's website, you're likely to see some big changes and officials say that means easier access to information for the community.

"Our wesbite's very dynamic," said Grant Faulkner, Assistant Director of IT for Bibb County. "There's a lot of good information there."

But he says that even with useful information, after two years, the website needed an upgrade.

Faulkner says they've been working for months to make their website more user-friendly.

"We've got the information that we've had all along in here," he said. "We're featuring it more prominently on the first page."

That includes the available pets at Macon-Bibb County Animal Welfare, details about SPLOST Projects and a new feature that lets you found out more about parks and recreation centers.

"We've got good maps that you can get a lot of information including the location of parks, the park near you, you can look up a park based on what activities they have there," said Faulkner.

They've also worked to make it easier to use when you're away from your desktop.

"We deveolped some bigger buttons on there to make it work a little bit better with iPads and smartphones and things of that nature," said Faulkner.

The changes go live Wednesday and he says hopes they make it easier to get information.

"People were having difficulty finding where they would make any kind of payments, so we're featuring that on the homepage so that's it's very obvious that you can pay tax bills, garbage bills, traffic tickets," said Faulkner.

He says they'll continue to work to bring the things you need from the county government, directly to your fingertips.

Faulkner says they've also started to work with the city as part of the consolidation efforts.

He says that means working to bring the two websites together by linking back and forth with departments and activities.


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