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Macon Garden Apartment Tenants Waiting for Change | News

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Macon Garden Apartment Tenants Waiting for Change

Many tenants at a west Macon apartment complex are still waiting for living conditions to change.

Public money pays most of the rent for Macon Garden Apartments, but since we last reported, HUD has yet to show up.

Kristi Yaughn, 29, has lived at Macon Garden Apartments, a HUD Section 8 subsidized housing complex for low-income tenants, for almost a year. Yaughn says management started to inspect apartments after our report.

"Usually the rent lady and the maintenance man, so I mean, they see what's going on, they don't care. It's not like any higher people than them that's coming down here and inspecting these apartments," she says. 

Many of the apartments that 13WMAZ's Judy Le visited were infested with cockroaches, had gaping holes in ceilings, and swampy breezeways.

HUD last inspected Macon Garden Apartments in May 2011. The complex was given a failing score of 35 out of 100. 

"I went two summers with no air, just fans. Buy my own air conditioning units for the windows," says Layota Lundy who has lived there for five years.

"My cabinets are dry rotted. I can't even use the ones underneath the sink at all," Yaughn added.

HUD spokesman, Joseph Phillips, says the low score required a follow-up inspection that never happened. An expedited inspection was requested but has not been scheduled yet. 


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