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New Manager Takes Over Macon Airports | News

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New Manager Takes Over Macon Airports

With 15 years experience in the airport business, Doug Faour moved from Jacksonville, Florida to take over the reigns of Macon's two airports.

He says, "There will be lots of capital improvement projects that will be going on over the next several years."

That includes projects like runway resurfacing at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport and a new fuel farm at the Macon Downtown Airport.

"Those fuel farms will provide a significant amount of fuel, probably 10,000 gallons a piece so 20,000 gallons total," says Faour.

The airports bring in around 200,000 flights a year. Faour hopes that number will climb higher.

"That seems to be hot on a lot of people's radar," he says, "So that is an area that we want to focus on. It's an area that we're not as strong in obviously so that is a goal to see that flourish."

Faour says it's not just about the planes, though.

"Air service is such a small part of what we do here. There are a variety of jobs that are created in the airport through maintenance and repair overhaul."

The two Macon airports account for nearly 2,000 jobs, and, combined, bring in over $200 million into the central Georgia Community. 

Faour says, "We want to continue the airport as the economic engine it is for the region. We want to position it in a financially strong position, and we want to be good stewards. This is the community's airport and we want to maintain it as they see fit."

He says he does not know when all of his projects will take flight, but hopes the improvements will land more jobs and recognition for the two airports.


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