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Bibb County Chairman Race: Hart vs. Wagoner | News

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Bibb County Chairman Race: Hart vs. Wagoner

Sam Hart spent 10 years as the Bibb County commissioner from district one. The last four years, Hart has presided as chairman over a commission dealing with a dwindling budget, absorbing city departments and other major issues.

He says they've made strides in the right direction, and a vote for him will be a vote for a smoother transition into a consolidated government.

"We've had a lot of successes, a lot of positive momentum and a lot of good news. We've got the service delivery strategy, we got the SPLOST done, we got consolidation done and we're working regionally to see if we can't bring economic development together for our region.

This isn't time to change. It's time again to have somebody who understands clearly where you're trying to go and how to get there. So I think right now for the positive momentum and for the continuity, you need someone in place who understands that."

Tom Wagoner is the man looking to unseat Hart. The 65-year-old is C.E.O of Core Management Resources Group, a company that helps businesses develop employer-sponsored, self-funded, not-for-profit benefit plans to employees.

Wagoner started the business 32 years ago. He says that business mindset is just what Bibb County needs going into consolidation.

"I'm a businessman, and all of my life, I'm dealing with budgets, I'm dealing with yearly planning and things of that nature. I have come up with my 365 day plan and I have listed 10 things that I intend to accomplish or work with the other commissioners to accomplish over the next 365 days so we're better positioned to go through this transition period and get to the new government.

I don't wanna see us sit here and waste 12 to 14 months not really getting anything done and waiting."


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