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Ga. State Fair Headed to Hampton | News

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Ga. State Fair Headed to Hampton

Macon's 160-year-old state fair is headed out of town -- at least for 10 days.

The fair's new owners say they'll put on a fall edition of the Georgia State Fair, starting next week at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

But Georgia State Fair owner, Mark Lovell says this is just a test of whether they can hold both spring and fall versions of the fair.

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Right now, he says they don't plan to end the traditional fair at Macon's Central City Park.

"Georgia is a big state and there is no reason that it should be consolidated down to one town," said Mark Lovell over the phone. "There is a great facility up there in Hampton in the past they moved the fair from the fall to the spring so we're going to keep that going."

Last year, a Memphis company, Universal Fairs, bought the troubled state fair and said they planned to turn it around.

Lovell said this spring's fair numbers weren't as high as they hoped. 

"I felt like the attendance was kinda soft and we expected more," said Lovell.  "I think we put together a pretty good program and had a lot of great music, great free attractions, lot of rides a bunch of great fair food."

But Lovell said they think Macon's Georgia State Fair is brimming with potential. 

"The possibility is there it could be a big event, and when I say big event I mean large numbers of people a lot of folks bringing their families and the potential is there and we're not abandoning that at all," said Lovell. 

Next week's fair happens Friday Oct. 26 through Sunday Nov. 4th, at the speedway in Hampton.

So far, the fair's web site does not list any Macon dates for spring 2013. Lovell says they've asked the city of Macon to approve dates, but they're not set yet. 


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