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Macon-Bibb Transition Team Crunches Budget Numbers | News

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Macon-Bibb Transition Team Crunches Budget Numbers

The Macon-Bibb Consolidation Transition Task Force agreed to shell out around $93,000 for a technology consulting firm during Wednesday's meeting.

That company will be in charge of evaluating the city's and county's current system and developing a new public safety and administration software. It's something Bibb County commissioner Elmo Richardson says needs to be taken care of quickly.

He says, "It takes a while to enter all of the information and get it all into one system. Even though you'll continue to operate independently, you will be linked in some respect. So we hope to have the new system in place by fall, so by January 1st, 2014 it will be fully operational."

January 1st is two weeks before the consolidation legislation said the new government will start. The transition team says bumping up the date will save a lot of money, paperwork, and money.

Transition team chairman Senator Cecil Station says, "That will prevent the city and county from having to do duplicate W-2 forms and tax kind of issues for county and city employees for that first 14 days of the new year in the first year of consolidation."

The task force also decided to make Macon City Hall the official home of the new government. They will move the Municipal Court from the first floor of City Hall to the 4th floor of the county courthouse.

The Middle Georgia Regional Commission and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government gave their proposals for services like developing the code of ordinances, financial analysis, and personnel compensation plans. Both groups provided line item prices so the task force can choose which services they want to pay for. Each of their proposals totaled near $240,000.

The city and county will have to split the cost of the services as well as any other funds approved by the transition team.


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