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Elaine Lucas: Cut Down Early Voting Lines | News

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Elaine Lucas: Cut Down Early Voting Lines

Some Macon officials want to cut down wait times for early voters after the long lines last week at the Bibb Board of Elections.

Council member Elaine Lucas proposes adding one or two more polling places and at least one more Saturday of voting.

She ran her ideas past State Representative Tyrone Brooks from Fulton County.

Brooks says he wants to change the early voting period back to 45 days instead of 21.

Lucas says she thinks many voters became discouraged from voting by the long lines, so she's drawing up a resolution asking Bibb County to make changes before next year's elections.

She says, "Since we will be electing people to a new consolidated government, I expect there will be huge turnouts. During those early voting days, we want to make sure that people are comfortable, that they have an opportunity to vote, that they are not at a disadvantage, that they are not held up in line, or miss work, or any of those kinds of things."

If Macon city council passes Lucas' resolution, it still needs approval from the county commissioners.


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