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Homeless NJ Family in Macon Looking for a Way Home | News

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Homeless NJ Family in Macon Looking for a Way Home

A New Jersey family that's down on their luck is squatting in a Macon home, looking for a way to get back to New Jersey.

The family ended up homeless when the father, Andrea Wingfield, was laid off from his job.

Wingfield said they stumbled onto an abandoned house when he and his family were trying to get out of the rain.

"It started raining, so we came in on the porch and I seen the door was cracked, so we walked right in," said Wingfield.

They have been living at the house for a month with no heat or water. They have to use a propane tank to keep the house warm and make food.

"I didn't want my family to be homeless. I didn't want them to be living in an abandoned house. I didn't want them to have go through and see me struggle like I've been struggling. I want something better for my kids, and I want them to see their father be something better," said Wingfield.

A neighbor of theirs, Joel Chambliss, who is also a minister, figured out that this family was squatting and decided to help. He smoothed things over with the property owners and is raising money to get them bus tickets back to New Jersey.

He is raising money to pay for bus tickets for the Wingfield family. If you want to help, you can contact Chambliss directly at 478-447-0402 or email him at pastorchambliss@yahoo.com to see how you can help them.


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