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Macon Shows Hospitality for Homeless NJ Family | News

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Macon Shows Hospitality for Homeless NJ Family

Viewers have opened up their hearts to the Wingfield family, bringing them coats and gallons of water. 

We first brought you this story Friday about a New Jersey family squatting here in Macon, trying to find a way back home. 

Since our story, viewers have extended help to the Wingfields, even offering up their homes for the family. 

"We woke up to people knocking on the door giving, it's like you've been trying for so hard and now it's just pouring in and you're just overwhelmed," says Andrew Wingfield.

"Two people came with bags full of these essentials, gallons of water, and socks for her kids and toothpaste," adds Renay Wingfield. "And there was two ladies standing there with food in their hands and breakfast for us."

The Wingfields have been squatting at this Macon home for about a month with no running water or electricity.

They share a mattress and use a propane heater to stay warm and cook their food. 

A day after we brought you their story, people brought help and snacks. Something that their children rarely have. 

"It's something that I can't provide but other people are trying to help provide and that makes it even better because it's love that doing it, it's not just me doing it," says Andrew.

And the best part, they're leaving it all behind because a viewer opened up their home to them.

"I'm just amazed that I will never have to spend another night here in this house again or be cold or think about how far I am going to walk to wash the children or wash the clothes or think about how they're going to get water or get fed," says Renay.

"I don't have to worry about people walking in the house  I could secure the door, those are big things and that would be wiped out," adds Andrew.

But the Wingfields say leaving this house behind is taking them one step closer to home. 

"We really focus on getting back to New Jersey because New Jersey we have a support system we have housing we have some help that we don't have in Macon," he says.

Joel Chambliss is raising money to pay for bus tickets for the Wingfield family. If you want to help you contact him at 478-447-0402 or email him at pastorchambliss@yahoo.com to see how you can help. 


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