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Rutland High Junior Tapped for Commission on Teen Driving | News

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Rutland High Junior Tapped for Commission on Teen Driving
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Rutland High Junior Tapped for Commission on Teen Driving

Rutland High School junior Felicia Ashley attended her first meeting with 21 other Georgia high school students as part of the Governor’s Commission on Teen Driving in late October. The group is tasked with reducing the number of teen crashes, injuries and fatalities on Georgia’s roads and highways.

The Commission will work to develop strategies to educate teen drivers on the risks and consequences of drunk, impaired, or distracted driving. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in Georgia.

Ashley says there are two things kids can do immediately to make driving safer.

“We really want to get our point across that texting while driving is not worth it, and that fumbling with an iPod or radio while driving is dangerous as well," she said. "You need to keep your eyes on the road because it just takes a second to lose your life when you’re in the car.”

Ashley says she’s learned a lot in her first year of driving.

“It has surprised me how much attention is needed to drive," she said. "I’ve realized that you can’t focus on anything but keeping your eyes on the road.”

The group plans to hold meetings via the web and present a report to state lawmakers in the spring. After that they will take the information back to their schools and share it with other students. 

News, People, Schools

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