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Pit Bull Injures Macon Water Authority Worker | News

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Pit Bull Injures Macon Water Authority Worker

A Macon Water Authority worker was attacked by a pit bull while trying to read a water meter Thursday.

According to Macon Water Authority Director Tony Rojas, the call came in to their Safety Director around 12:30 p.m.

Rojas says a 15-year veteran field service representative attempted to read the meter at 4185 Dorothy Ave. in Macon.  The home has a fenced-in yard and a sign warning of dogs.  The man went inside the fence and discovered there were 3 dogs, one of which bit him on the calf.

The worker went to the emergency room for treatment, where Rojas said he was still being stitched up nearly 4 hours after the attack.

Rojas says the dog, which was a pit bull, was taken into custody by Animal Control for rabies testing.

Rojas says the water authority trains its workers not to go inside a fence when there are dogs loose on the property.


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