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Legislators Learn Macon's Nuts and Bolts | News

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Legislators Learn Macon's Nuts and Bolts

Macon department heads want members of the local delegation to understand what they do and how they do it.

It's part the Georgia Municipal Association's plan to have better communication between legislators and the cities they represent.

Mayor Robert Reichert also broke down some of his hopes for Macon's future, including another shot at passing a T-SPLOST in two years.

He also wants community leaders to start discussions for a high speed rail station.

"Probably a minimum of five years, I think it will be at least that long before we could even hope to see it, but with planning and preparation we can make it happen sooner rather than later," he says.

Reichert says it's also important for the legislators to understand the nuts and bolts of the city's services before deciding how to merge them with the county.

The Macon police and fire departments rolled out some of their units to show the group as well.

They parked the bomb detection unit outside of city hall and demonstrated some of its capabilities.

Sergeant Billy Skinner with the police department says a new wireless robot gives the team easier and safer access when searching a scene.

The truck also has an on-board x-ray machine to examine anything they find.

"Not only do we use it for our bomb disposal missions," says Skinner, "but we also use it in relation to the SWAT team for hostage situations, barricade subjects, it gives us the ability to provide surveillance and also communication with whoever may be inside of a building or a house or something of that nature."

Skinner says they've only used the the truck and robot about once a month since they got it two years ago.

Leaders for both the city and the county will meet with local legislators again at the end of the month. They will discuss their hopes for the next year before the General Assembly gets to work in January.


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