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Holliday Becomes Bibb Co. Soil Water Conservation Supervisor | News

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Holliday Becomes Bibb Co. Soil Water Conservation Supervisor

Lindsay "Doc" Holliday has been involved with government for years. But on Election Day, he became part of government taking on the role of Bibb County Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor. 

"Our goals are to educate people to do better best management practices as far as land disturbance," said Holliday. 

Holliday said that one example of a great storm drainage system is at Museum of Arts and Sciences, where the storm water drains into a little pond and that storm water is used as water for the sprinkler system. 

"The museum has done it well in that because soil is not eroding off their site the water is being detained soil is not moving off the site and they have done it in a beautiful way," said Holliday. 

He said that he became passionate about storm water drainage when he experienced the effects first hand. 

"It started out for me when I had a drainage retention system break on my property, well it actually broke on a developer's property next to mine and it flooded my land with mud and this was back and I talked to the city engineer back in the 80s and they were of no help to me at all," said Holliday. 


And as an elected official, Holliday said one of his goal is to keep the public informed. 

"I think the best elected officials can do is to educate the public how to do well," said Holliday.  


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