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Macon Council Stalls Attempt to Sell Terminal Station | News

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Macon Council Stalls Attempt to Sell Terminal Station

A resolution to give the Terminal Station building to the Macon-Bibb Transit Authority split Tuesday's city council vote down the middle.

Seven members, including councilman Rick Hutto, voted to put the transit authority in charge of managing and marketing the Terminal Station.

"The city right now is liable for 100 percent of the losses of Terminal Station. If, however, we transfer it over to the Macon Transit Authority, who of course is operating it now and is doing a great job, increasing its routes and all of that sort of thing, our legal liability actually goes to 30 percent as opposed to 100 percent," says Hutto.

He also says MTA would be eligible for more grants than the city, and the building does not bring in enough revenue for the city to keep it.

The other half of council says it's not about the money. They spoke out about Terminal Station's historic value to the city.

Henry Fickling was one of them. 

He says, "Terminal Station may not have a bottom line that is a plus, but what in the city does have a bottom line that is a plus? The Recreation Department always operated at a loss, the Coliseum, the Auditorium, and until recently, The Douglass Theatre. We've had to fill in the gaps on a lot of things in the city, but that's why you have a city."

Councilman Larry Schesinger was not at the meeting. Since the resolution did not lose by a majority vote, council members can put the building back on the table at another meeting.


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