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Shoppers Camp Out for Black Friday | News

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Shoppers Camp Out for Black Friday

For Eddie Murphy of Macon, Thanksgiving means his yearly routine of 40 hours in line at the Macon Best Buy, as the first in line for Black Friday.

"I don't look at it as crazy," Murphy says. "Some people go camping in the woods, this is my camping."

Murphy was first among hundreds lined up for Black Friday deals, including everything from phones, to TV's, to laptops.  Those in the front of the line had been waiting since around 9 a.m. the day before Thanksgiving.

People brought tents, laptops, and food to keep themselves entertained while camped out at the store.

Doors opened at midnight Friday morning, and Best Buy managers said they were pleased with the large crowds, which they say were larger than last year.

"We're pretty ready to go, pretty energized, and there'll be plenty of 5-hour Energy and Monster energy drinks going around," says general manager Eli Douglass.

After waiting in line for hours, many of the people became good friends.  But when doors open, managers say they're ready for "controlled chaos," adding that they plan on letting 20-25 people into the store at a time.

"As soon as we get in, I don't know these people," joked Taj Robinson of Macon, gesturing to friends. "Every man for himself!"


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