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Bibb Mother Upset Teacher Put Son in Storage Room | News

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Bibb Mother Upset Teacher Put Son in Storage Room

A parent says a teacher at Rosa Taylor Elementary gave her son a three hour time-out in a storage room.

"I was in there 30 minutes before lunch and then two hours and thirty minutes after," says nine-year-old Zachary Bedgood.

Donnie Porter, Director of Communications with the Bibb School says Zachary was only in the room for 30 minutes.

His mother calls it a storage closet or utility room, but the school calls it a tutoring room.

"There's no way possible that they use that room for a tutoring room the way I saw it," says Zachary's mother Crystal Bedgood.

"The desk was right here, the shelf was right here, the wires were over here, there was supply stuff everywhere," says Zachary.

Porter says Zachary's teacher took him away from the general classroom and placed him in a quiet area to finish his work. He said it was not punishment.

Crystal says it happened on November 16th, the Friday before Thanksgiving.

She was notified when she picked Zachary up after school.

Crystal says she documented what happened in a journal.

She says she gave the school two days, excluding the week-long Thanksgiving holiday, to respond to her concerns.

Crystal had a week to mull over what happened and the more she thought about it the angrier she got.

"Lord please, why? Why did it happen to him or any other student," asks Crystal.

Cherryl Dowd, Zachary's grandmother added, "If Crystal or anybody would've put their kid in a closet and it would've got back to the welfare or law so what's the difference."

The Bedgoods met with Rosa Taylor's principal for about four hours Tuesday.

Zachary has not been back to school since that day.  His mother says she's trying to transfer him to another Bibb County school.


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