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Macon Central Services Gets New Facility | News

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Macon Central Services Gets New Facility

The folks at Central Services have a big move ahead. The 12 acre property that they've called home for years will soon be a completely vacant piece of land.

"There aren't many places in any downtown that have 12 acres of riverfront property. It's something that a lot of people would be jealous of if we put it in any other community," said  Alex Morrison with the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

He says the vision for the river front property includes a hotel, Condos and retail space. He says they've partnered with Renaissance on the River, LLC on the project.

"It's going to be a multi-year project to go through all of the phases. Phases one is scheduled to take about 14 to 18 months once financing is in place. This option allows the developer to go out and find financial agreements and other partners for this project," said Morrison. 

The Macon Central Services building sits here now but soon, they'll have a new home with all 7 divisions under one roof.

"We take care of the traffic signals throughout the city and the county, we have the signs, traffic maintenance
throughout the city, we do electrical, we do HVAC, plumbing an general maintenance," said Gene Simonds, head of Central Services.

Construction is underway for their new facility that Simonds says he's looking forward to.

"We are adjacent to a building that the city already owns, vehicle maintenance. One of our electrical vendors is just down the street. One of our air conditioning vendors is down the street on Bay street. Overall it should prove to be really beneficial," said Simonds.

Also happy about the transition is Morrison who says the vision to make Macon more of a unique place to spend time has the potential to really pay off.

Over the next five years, if all goes well, we'll see roughly about 60 million plus in investment on this site.

"It's really a great piece of property with interstate access, access to downtown Macon and access to the river. It really is a great piece of property to develop," said Morrison.

The new Central Services building will have 42 thousand square feet.

It have working areas that include offices and warehouse space.
Simonds says they hope to be operating out of their new building by March of 2013.


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