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Macon Committee Delays Mandatory Spaying/Neutering | News

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Macon Committee Delays Mandatory Spaying/Neutering

A Macon committee decided to hold off on a law that would require all pet owners to spay or neuter their animals.

Members spent over an hour and a half debating whether requiring the procedure is the right solution.

Two members, Nancy White, who wrote the proposed ordinance, and Larry Schlesinger rallied to pass mandatory sterilization.

Schlesinger says, "We need to really say that this community's standard is that our animal population will be spayed and neutered so that it wont get out of control."

Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare Director Sarah Tenon says she thinks this would cut down on the number of animals euthanized each year.

The proposed ordinance leaves room for exemptions like guide dogs and show animals, but other council members say that makes enforcement too difficult.

Council member Henry Gibson says, "If you put the law in the book, then the police will have to enforce the law. What are the police going to do? Go, and they see a dog, pick the dog up and check if the dog is neutered? I mean, please."

Members of the Macon Kennel Club agree and think enforcing current laws should come first.

Gordon Turner, the club's president, says, "There are already laws on the books that would take care of this problem, such as the leash laws, and if animals are on a leash, they certainly will not be running loose and breeding indiscriminately. So why do you need a mandatory spay-neuter law?"

Gibson also says some pet owners may not be able to afford the procedure, which, on average, costs more than $150.

He says instead of the ordinance, the city should look into more low and no-cost spaying and neutering programs.

Unless someone moves to bring the discussion back around, this closes the issue.

It would take a vote from three out of the five committee members to put the ordinance back on the table.

After the vote, the city administration told the committee not all taxi cabs roaming through the city have business licenses.

Keith Moffett says the business office only has one taxi service in its records. That's the Yellow Cab company.

He says the city plans to investigate the legal requirements to classify as a cab service. Then, they will decide how to enforce those rules and what to do with the other non-registered companies.

A WhitePages search for the key words "taxi" and "Macon" turns up three businesses, Yellow Cab included.


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